B & B

Terrazza sui Trulli is a refined B & B in the center of the monumental area of ​​the Trulli of Alberobello, carefully renovated and tastefully Restructured, consists of 4 double rooms with bathroom, each of which has a window with trulli view, and a beautiful living area consisting of breakfast dining place and a magnificent terrace with a view of the monumental trulli area.

A wonderful terrace on trulli ..

Overlooking the monumental area of ​​the Trulli of Alberobello, to enjoy the early morning sun in front of a good cup of coffee or in the company of a sunset aperitvo di Puglia..

60 min for Matera

Matera is an extraordinary page written by man through the millennia of this very long storia.Matera is the city of the Sassi, the original urban core, developed from natural caves carved into the rock and then molded into increasingly complex structures within two great natural amphitheatres which are the Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano.

90 min for LECCE

Lying on a plain at the foot of the Salento is Lecce – known as the “Florence of the South” – one of the most interesting cities in the region for its architectural features, typical seventeenth century.

20 min from the SEA

The beautiful beaches of Apulia on the Adriatic, from the sand at the bottom with scoliosis wonderful equipped beaches, just 20 kilometers from you

Common areas

A breakfast with Trulli view, a simple refreshments before walking among the beauties of Alberobello and Puglia …


You do not believe your eyes: in Puglia enchanting landscapes surround the historic towns and cities. From Romanesque to Baroque cathedrals and monuments surround the squares in the shade of imposing castles and palaces


In Puglia you can afford to daydream. All around you, beautiful landscapes are the colors and the scents of the sea and the Mediterranean, ancient olive groves and forests of oak trees whisper in the sun secret stories.


Pugliese cuisine is a perfect example of a healthy and balanced Mediterranean. Simple and traditional, Apulian cuisine combines local products with the riches of the sea

Casettine Lillipuzziane

“Sono minuscole capanne tonde, dal tetto a cono aguzzo, in cui pare non possa entrare se non un popolo di omini ognuna con un piccolo comignolo ed una finestrella da bambola, e con quella buffa intonacatura in cima al cono, che è la civetteria della pulizia, e dà l’impressione di un un berretto da notte ritto sul cocuzzolo d’un pagliaccio, con anche, per soprammercato, una croce o una stella in fronte dipinta con calce” (Tommaso Fiore – Un Popolo di Formiche)